base class — bpy_struct

class bpy.types.GPencilInterpolateSettings(bpy_struct)

Settings for Grease Pencil interpolation tools


Amount to boost elastic bounces for ‘elastic’ easing

Type:float in [0, inf], default 0.0

Amount of overshoot for ‘back’ easing

Type:float in [-inf, inf], default 0.0

Which ends of the segment between the preceding and following grease pencil frames easing interpolation is applied to

  • AUTO Automatic Easing, Easing type is chosen automatically based on what the type of interpolation used (e.g. ‘Ease In’ for transitional types, and ‘Ease Out’ for dynamic effects).
  • EASE_IN Ease In, Only on the end closest to the next keyframe.
  • EASE_OUT Ease Out, Only on the end closest to the first keyframe.
  • EASE_IN_OUT Ease In and Out, Segment between both keyframes.
Type:enum in [‘AUTO’, ‘EASE_IN’, ‘EASE_OUT’, ‘EASE_IN_OUT’], default ‘AUTO’

Interpolate all layers, not only active

Type:boolean, default False

Interpolate only selected strokes in the original frame

Type:boolean, default False

Custom curve to control ‘sequence’ interpolation between Grease Pencil frames

Type:CurveMapping, (readonly)

Time between bounces for elastic easing

Type:float in [-inf, inf], default 0.0

Interpolation method to use the next time ‘Interpolate Sequence’ is run

  • LINEAR Linear, Straight-line interpolation between A and B (i.e. no ease in/out).
  • CUSTOM Custom, Custom interpolation defined using a curve map.
  • SINE Sinusoidal, Sinusoidal easing (weakest, almost linear but with a slight curvature).
  • QUAD Quadratic, Quadratic easing.
  • CUBIC Cubic, Cubic easing.
  • QUART Quartic, Quartic easing.
  • QUINT Quintic, Quintic easing.
  • EXPO Exponential, Exponential easing (dramatic).
  • CIRC Circular, Circular easing (strongest and most dynamic).
  • BACK Back, Cubic easing with overshoot and settle.
  • BOUNCE Bounce, Exponentially decaying parabolic bounce, like when objects collide.
  • ELASTIC Elastic, Exponentially decaying sine wave, like an elastic band.
Type:enum in [‘LINEAR’, ‘CUSTOM’, ‘SINE’, ‘QUAD’, ‘CUBIC’, ‘QUART’, ‘QUINT’, ‘EXPO’, ‘CIRC’, ‘BACK’, ‘BOUNCE’, ‘ELASTIC’], default ‘LINEAR’

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