Sculpt Operators

bpy.ops.sculpt.brush_stroke(stroke=None, mode='NORMAL', ignore_background_click=False)

Sculpt a stroke into the geometry

  • stroke (bpy_prop_collection of OperatorStrokeElement, (optional)) – Stroke
  • mode (enum in ['NORMAL', 'INVERT', 'SMOOTH'], (optional)) –

    Stroke Mode, Action taken when a paint stroke is made

    • NORMAL Regular, Apply brush normally.
    • INVERT Invert, Invert action of brush for duration of stroke.
    • SMOOTH Smooth, Switch brush to smooth mode for duration of stroke.
  • ignore_background_click (boolean, (optional)) – Ignore Background Click, Clicks on the background do not start the stroke

Flood fill the mesh with the selected detail setting


Generates a mask based on the geometry cavity and pointiness

Parameters:dirty_only (boolean, (optional)) – Dirty Only, Don’t calculate cleans for convex areas

Dynamic topology alters the mesh topology while sculpting

bpy.ops.sculpt.mask_expand(invert=True, use_cursor=True, update_pivot=True, smooth_iterations=2, mask_speed=5, use_normals=True, keep_previous_mask=False, edge_sensitivity=300)

Expands a mask from the initial active vertex under the cursor

  • invert (boolean, (optional)) – Invert, Invert the new mask
  • use_cursor (boolean, (optional)) – Use Cursor, Expand the mask to the cursor position
  • update_pivot (boolean, (optional)) – Update Pivot Position, Set the pivot position to the mask border after creating the mask
  • smooth_iterations (int in [0, 10], (optional)) – Smooth iterations
  • mask_speed (int in [1, 10], (optional)) – Mask speed
  • use_normals (boolean, (optional)) – Use Normals, Generate the mask using the normals and curvature of the model
  • keep_previous_mask (boolean, (optional)) – Keep Previous Mask, Generate the new mask on top of the current one
  • edge_sensitivity (int in [0, 2000], (optional)) – Edge Detection Sensitivity, Sensitivity for expanding the mask across sculpted sharp edges when using normals to generate the mask
bpy.ops.sculpt.mask_filter(filter_type='SMOOTH', iterations=1, auto_iteration_count=False)

Applies a filter to modify the current mask

  • filter_type (enum in ['SMOOTH', 'SHARPEN', 'GROW', 'SHRINK', 'CONTRAST_INCREASE', 'CONTRAST_DECREASE'], (optional)) –

    Type, Filter that is going to be applied to the mask

    • SMOOTH Smooth Mask, Smooth mask.
    • SHARPEN Sharpen Mask, Sharpen mask.
    • GROW Grow Mask, Grow mask.
    • SHRINK Shrink Mask, Shrink mask.
    • CONTRAST_INCREASE Increase contrast, Increase the contrast of the paint mask.
    • CONTRAST_DECREASE Decrease contrast, Decrease the contrast of the paint mask.
  • iterations (int in [1, 100], (optional)) – Iterations, Number of times that the filter is going to be applied
  • auto_iteration_count (boolean, (optional)) – Auto Iteration Count, Use a automatic number of iterations based on the number of vertices of the sculpt
bpy.ops.sculpt.mesh_filter(type='INFLATE', strength=1.0, deform_axis={'X', 'Y', 'Z'})

Applies a filter to modify the current mesh

  • type (enum in ['SMOOTH', 'SCALE', 'INFLATE', 'SPHERE', 'RANDOM'], (optional)) –

    Filter type, Operation that is going to be applied to the mesh

    • SMOOTH Smooth, Smooth mesh.
    • SCALE Scale, Scale mesh.
    • INFLATE Inflate, Inflate mesh.
    • SPHERE Sphere, Morph into sphere.
    • RANDOM Random, Randomize vertex positions.
  • strength (float in [-10, 10], (optional)) – Strength, Filter Strength
  • deform_axis (enum set in {'X', 'Y', 'Z'}, (optional)) –

    Deform axis, Apply the deformation in the selected axis

    • X X, Deform in the X axis.
    • Y Y, Deform in the Y axis.
    • Z Z, Deform in the Z axis.

Recalculate the sculpt BVH to improve performance

bpy.ops.sculpt.sample_detail_size(location=(0, 0))

Sample the mesh detail on clicked point

Parameters:location (int array of 2 items in [0, 32767], (optional)) – Location, Screen Coordinates of sampling

Toggle sculpt mode in 3D view


Set the mesh detail (either relative or constant one, depending on current dyntopo mode)


Reset the copy of the mesh that is being sculpted on


Sets the sculpt transform pivot position

Parameters:mode (enum in ['ORIGIN', 'UNMASKED', 'BORDER', 'ACTIVE', 'SURFACE'], (optional)) –


  • ORIGIN Origin, Sets the pivot to the origin of the sculpt.
  • UNMASKED Unmasked, Sets the pivot position to the average position of the unmasked vertices.
  • BORDER Mask border, Sets the pivot position to the center of the border of the mask.
  • ACTIVE Active vertex, Sets the pivot position to the active vertex position.
  • SURFACE Surface, Sets the pivot position to the surface under the cursor.

Symmetrize the topology modifications


Sculpt UVs using a brush

Parameters:mode (enum in ['NORMAL', 'INVERT', 'RELAX'], (optional)) –

Mode, Stroke Mode

  • NORMAL Regular, Apply brush normally.
  • INVERT Invert, Invert action of brush for duration of stroke.
  • RELAX Relax, Switch brush to relax mode for duration of stroke.