base classes — bpy_struct, ID, Texture

class bpy.types.MarbleTexture(Texture)

Procedural noise texture

  • SOFT Soft, Use soft marble.
  • SHARP Sharp, Use more clearly defined marble.
  • SHARPER Sharper, Use very clearly defined marble.
Type:enum in [‘SOFT’, ‘SHARP’, ‘SHARPER’], default ‘SOFT’

Size of derivative offset used for calculating normal

Type:float in [0.001, 0.1], default 0.025

Noise basis used for turbulence

  • BLENDER_ORIGINAL Blender Original, Noise algorithm - Blender original: Smooth interpolated noise.
  • ORIGINAL_PERLIN Original Perlin, Noise algorithm - Original Perlin: Smooth interpolated noise.
  • IMPROVED_PERLIN Improved Perlin, Noise algorithm - Improved Perlin: Smooth interpolated noise.
  • VORONOI_F1 Voronoi F1, Noise algorithm - Voronoi F1: Returns distance to the closest feature point.
  • VORONOI_F2 Voronoi F2, Noise algorithm - Voronoi F2: Returns distance to the 2nd closest feature point.
  • VORONOI_F3 Voronoi F3, Noise algorithm - Voronoi F3: Returns distance to the 3rd closest feature point.
  • VORONOI_F4 Voronoi F4, Noise algorithm - Voronoi F4: Returns distance to the 4th closest feature point.
  • VORONOI_F2_F1 Voronoi F2-F1, Noise algorithm - Voronoi F1-F2.
  • VORONOI_CRACKLE Voronoi Crackle, Noise algorithm - Voronoi Crackle: Voronoi tessellation with sharp edges.
  • CELL_NOISE Cell Noise, Noise algorithm - Cell Noise: Square cell tessellation.
  • SIN Sin, Use a sine wave to produce bands.
  • SAW Saw, Use a saw wave to produce bands.
  • TRI Tri, Use a triangle wave to produce bands.
Type:enum in [‘SIN’, ‘SAW’, ‘TRI’], default ‘SIN’

Depth of the cloud calculation

Type:int in [0, 30], default 2

Scaling for noise input

Type:float in [0.0001, inf], default 0.25
  • SOFT_NOISE Soft, Generate soft noise (smooth transitions).
  • HARD_NOISE Hard, Generate hard noise (sharp transitions).
Type:enum in [‘SOFT_NOISE’, ‘HARD_NOISE’], default ‘SOFT_NOISE’

Turbulence of the bandnoise and ringnoise types

Type:float in [0.0001, inf], default 5.0

Materials that use this texture (readonly)


Object modifiers that use this texture (readonly)

classmethod bl_rna_get_subclass(id, default=None)
Parameters:id (string) – The RNA type identifier.
Returns:The RNA type or default when not found.
Return type:bpy.types.Struct subclass
classmethod bl_rna_get_subclass_py(id, default=None)
Parameters:id (string) – The RNA type identifier.
Returns:The class or default when not found.
Return type:type

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