Geometry Operators

bpy.ops.geometry.attribute_add(name='Attribute', data_type='FLOAT', domain='POINT')

Add attribute to geometry

  • name (string, (optional, never None)) – Name, Name of new attribute

  • data_type (enum in ['FLOAT', 'INT', 'FLOAT_VECTOR', 'FLOAT_COLOR', 'BYTE_COLOR', 'STRING', 'BOOLEAN'], (optional)) –

    Data Type, Type of data stored in attribute

    • FLOAT Float, Floating-point value.

    • INT Integer, 32-bit integer.

    • FLOAT_VECTOR Vector, 3D vector with floating-point values.

    • FLOAT_COLOR Color, RGBA color with floating-point precisions.

    • BYTE_COLOR Byte Color, RGBA color with 8-bit precision.

    • STRING String, Text string.

    • BOOLEAN Boolean, True or false.

  • domain (enum in ['POINT', 'EDGE', 'CORNER', 'POLYGON', 'CURVE'], (optional)) –

    Domain, Type of element that attribute is stored on

    • POINT Point, Attribute on point.

    • EDGE Edge, Attribute on mesh edge.

    • CORNER Corner, Attribute on mesh polygon corner.

    • POLYGON Polygon, Attribute on mesh polygons.

    • CURVE Curve, Attribute on hair curve.


Remove attribute from geometry