Module Bpy_config

Module Bpy_config

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This module gives you direct access to blenders preferences.

string fontDir
default font path.
int fontSize
display size for fonts in the user interface.
string renderDir
default render path.
int sequenceMemCacheLimit
how much memory to use for a sequencer cache.
string sequencePluginsDir
default sequencer plugin path.
string soundDir
default sound path.
string tempDir
path where temp files are saved.
int textureCollectRate
tag textures as being used at this interval of time.
string textureDir
default texture path.
string texturePluginsDir
default texture plugin path.
int textureTimeout
free textures from openGL memory if unused after this time.
int undoSteps
number of undo steps to store.
string userScriptsDir
path for user scripts.
string yfExportDir
yafray export path.