Module KX_Scene :: Class KX_Scene
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Class KX_Scene

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The activity culling stuff is supposed to disable logic bricks when their owner gets too far from the active camera. It was taken from some code lurking at the back of KX_Scene - who knows what it does!


       import GameLogic
       # get the scene
       scene = GameLogic.getCurrentScene()
       # print all the objects in the scene
       for obj in scene.getObjectList():
               print obj.getName()
       # get an object named 'Cube'
       obj = scene.getObjectList()["OBCube"]
       # get the first object in the scene.
       obj = scene.getObjectList()[0]


       # Get the depth of an object in the camera view.
       import GameLogic
       obj = GameLogic.getCurrentController().getOwner()
       cam = GameLogic.getCurrentScene().active_camera
       # Depth is negative and decreasing further from the camera
       depth = obj.position[0]*cam.world_to_camera[2][0] + obj.position[1]*cam.world_to_camera[2][1] + obj.position[2]*cam.world_to_camera[2][2] + cam.world_to_camera[2][3]

Bug: All attributes are read only at the moment.

Instance Methods [hide private]
list [KX_Light]
Returns the list of lights in the scene.
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list [KX_GameObject]
Returns the list of objects in the scene.
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Returns the name of the scene.
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Instance Variables [hide private]
KX_Camera active_camera
The current active camera
boolean activity_culling
True if the scene is activity culling
float activity_culling_radius
The distance outside which to do activity culling.
string name
The scene's name
boolean suspended
True if the scene is suspended.
Instance Variable Details [hide private]


The distance outside which to do activity culling. Measured in manhattan distance.