Module GameTypes :: Class SCA_2DFilterActuator
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Class SCA_2DFilterActuator

PyObjectPlus --+            
          CValue --+        
     SCA_ILogicBrick --+    
           SCA_IActuator --+

Create, enable and disable 2D filters


The following properties don't have an immediate effect. You must active the actuator to get the result. The actuator is not persistent: it automatically stops itself after setting up the filter but the filter remains active. To stop a filter you must activate the actuator with 'type' set to RAS_2DFILTER_DISABLED or RAS_2DFILTER_NOFILTER.

Instance Methods
Check if this is a type or a subtype game_type. (Inherited from GameTypes.PyObjectPlus)
Gets the execution priority of this logic brick. (Inherited from GameTypes.SCA_ILogicBrick)
Returns the name of the CValue. (Inherited from GameTypes.CValue)
Gets the game object associated with this logic brick. (Inherited from GameTypes.SCA_ILogicBrick)
Sets the priority of this logic brick. (Inherited from GameTypes.SCA_ILogicBrick)
Instance Variables
integer disableMotionBlur
action on motion blur: 0=enable, 1=disable
int executePriority
This determines the order controllers are evaluated, and actuators are activated (lower priority is executed first). (Inherited from GameTypes.SCA_ILogicBrick)
bool invalid
Test if the object has been freed by the game engine and is no longer valid. (Inherited from GameTypes.PyObjectPlus)
integer mode
type of 2D filter, use one of the following constants: RAS_2DFILTER_ENABLED (-2) : enable the filter that was previously disabled RAS_2DFILTER_DISABLED (-1) : disable the filter that is currently active RAS_2DFILTER_NOFILTER (0) : disable and destroy the filter that is currently active RAS_2DFILTER_MOTIONBLUR (1) : create and enable preset filters RAS_2DFILTER_BLUR (2) RAS_2DFILTER_SHARPEN (3) RAS_2DFILTER_DILATION (4) RAS_2DFILTER_EROSION (5) RAS_2DFILTER_LAPLACIAN (6) RAS_2DFILTER_SOBEL (7) RAS_2DFILTER_PREWITT (8) RAS_2DFILTER_GRAYSCALE (9) RAS_2DFILTER_SEPIA (10) RAS_2DFILTER_INVERT (11) RAS_2DFILTER_CUSTOMFILTER (12) : customer filter, the code code is set via shaderText property
string name
The name of this CValue derived object (read-only). (Inherited from GameTypes.SCA_ILogicBrick)
KX_GameObject or None in exceptional cases. owner
The game object this logic brick is attached to (read-only). (Inherited from GameTypes.SCA_ILogicBrick)
integer (0-100) passNumber
order number of filter in the stack of 2D filters.
string shaderText
shader source code for custom shader
float (0.0-100.0) value
argument for motion blur filter
Instance Variable Details


order number of filter in the stack of 2D filters. Filters are executed in increasing order of passNb. Only be one filter can be defined per passNb.
integer (0-100)