base class — bpy_struct

subclasses — SpaceClipEditor, SpaceConsole, SpaceDopeSheetEditor, SpaceFileBrowser, SpaceGraphEditor, SpaceImageEditor, SpaceInfo, SpaceNLA, SpaceNodeEditor, SpaceOutliner, SpacePreferences, SpaceProperties, SpaceSequenceEditor, SpaceSpreadsheet, SpaceTextEditor, SpaceView3D

class bpy.types.Space(bpy_struct)

Space data for a screen area


Synchronize the visible timeline range with other time-based editors


boolean, default False


boolean, default False


Space data type

  • EMPTY Empty.

  • VIEW_3D 3D Viewport – Manipulate objects in a 3D environment.

  • IMAGE_EDITOR UV/Image Editor – View and edit images and UV Maps.

  • NODE_EDITOR Node Editor – Editor for node-based shading and compositing tools.

  • SEQUENCE_EDITOR Video Sequencer – Video editing tools.

  • CLIP_EDITOR Movie Clip Editor – Motion tracking tools.

  • DOPESHEET_EDITOR Dope Sheet – Adjust timing of keyframes.

  • GRAPH_EDITOR Graph Editor – Edit drivers and keyframe interpolation.

  • NLA_EDITOR Nonlinear Animation – Combine and layer Actions.

  • TEXT_EDITOR Text Editor – Edit scripts and in-file documentation.

  • CONSOLE Python Console – Interactive programmatic console for advanced editing and script development.

  • INFO Info – Log of operations, warnings and error messages.

  • TOPBAR Top Bar – Global bar at the top of the screen for global per-window settings.

  • STATUSBAR Status Bar – Global bar at the bottom of the screen for general status information.

  • OUTLINER Outliner – Overview of scene graph and all available data-blocks.

  • PROPERTIES Properties – Edit properties of active object and related data-blocks.

  • FILE_BROWSER File Browser – Browse for files and assets.

  • SPREADSHEET Spreadsheet – Explore geometry data in a table.

  • PREFERENCES Preferences – Edit persistent configuration settings.



classmethod bl_rna_get_subclass(id, default=None)

id (string) – The RNA type identifier.


The RNA type or default when not found.

Return type

bpy.types.Struct subclass

classmethod bl_rna_get_subclass_py(id, default=None)

id (string) – The RNA type identifier.


The class or default when not found.

Return type


draw_handler_add(callback, args, region_type, draw_type)

Add a new draw handler to this space type. It will be called every time the specified region in the space type will be drawn. Note: All arguments are positional only for now.

  • callback (function) – A function that will be called when the region is drawn. It gets the specified arguments as input.

  • args (tuple) – Arguments that will be passed to the callback.

  • region_type (str) – The region type the callback draws in; usually WINDOW. (bpy.types.Region.type)

  • draw_type (str) – Usually POST_PIXEL for 2D drawing and POST_VIEW for 3D drawing. In some cases PRE_VIEW can be used. BACKDROP can be used for backdrops in the node editor.


Handler that can be removed later on.

Return type


draw_handler_remove(handler, region_type)

Remove a draw handler that was added previously.

  • handler (object) – The draw handler that should be removed.

  • region_type (str) – Region type the callback was added to.

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