gpu_extras submodule (gpu_extras.presets)

gpu_extras.presets.draw_circle_2d(position, color, radius, *, segments=32)

Draw a circle.

  • position (2D Vector) – Position where the circle will be drawn.

  • color (tuple containing RGBA values) – Color of the circle. To use transparency GL_BLEND has to be enabled.

  • radius (float) – Radius of the circle.

  • segments (int) – How many segments will be used to draw the circle. Higher values give besser results but the drawing will take longer.

gpu_extras.presets.draw_texture_2d(texture, position, width, height)

Draw a 2d texture.

  • texture (gpu.types.GPUTexture) – GPUTexture to draw (e.g. gpu.texture.from_image(image) for bpy.types.Image).

  • position (2D Vector) – Position of the lower left corner.

  • width (float) – Width of the image when drawn (not necessarily the original width of the texture).

  • height (float) – Height of the image when drawn.