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This document is an API reference for Blender 2.55 r32738. built 2010-10-27.

An introduction to Blender and Python can be found at <>

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The Python API in Blender is UNSTABLE, It should only be used for testing, any script written now may break in future releases.

The following areas are subject to change.
  • operator names and arguments
  • render api
  • function calls with the data api (any function calls with values accessed from, including functions for importing and exporting meshes
  • class registration (Operator, Panels, Menus, Headers)
  • modules: bpy.props, blf)
  • members in the bpy.context have to be reviewed
  • python defined modal operators, especially drawing callbacks are highly experemental
These parts of the API are relatively stable and are unlikely to change significantly
  • data API, access to attributes of blender data such as mesh verts, material color, timeline frames and scene objects
  • user interface functions for defining buttons, creation of menus, headers, panels
  • modules: bgl and mathutils
  • game engine modules

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