Export Operators

bpy.ops.export.ply(filepath="", check_existing=True, use_modifiers=True, use_normals=True, use_uv_coords=True, use_colors=True)

Export a single object as a stanford PLY with normals, colours and texture coordinates.

  • filepath (string, (optional)) – File Path, Filepath used for exporting the file
  • check_existing (boolean, (optional)) – Check Existing, Check and warn on overwriting existing files
  • use_modifiers (boolean, (optional)) – Apply Modifiers, Apply Modifiers to the exported mesh
  • use_normals (boolean, (optional)) – Normals, Export Normals for smooth and hard shaded faces
  • use_uv_coords (boolean, (optional)) – UVs, Exort the active UV layer
  • use_colors (boolean, (optional)) – Vertex Colors, Exort the active vertex color layer
File :


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