Import_scene Operators

bpy.ops.import_scene.autodesk_3ds(filepath="", filter_glob="*.3ds", constrain_size=10.0, use_image_search=True, use_apply_transform=False)

Import from 3DS file format (.3ds)

  • filepath (string, (optional)) – File Path, Filepath used for importing the file
  • constrain_size (float in [0, 1000], (optional)) – Size Constraint, Scale the model by 10 until it reacehs the size constraint. Zero Disables.
  • use_image_search (boolean, (optional)) – Image Search, Search subdirectories for any assosiated images (Warning, may be slow)
  • use_apply_transform (boolean, (optional)) – Apply Transform, Workaround for object transformations importing incorrectly
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bpy.ops.import_scene.obj(filepath="", filter_glob="*.obj;*.mtl", CREATE_SMOOTH_GROUPS=True, CREATE_FGONS=True, CREATE_EDGES=True, SPLIT_OBJECTS=True, SPLIT_GROUPS=True, ROTATE_X90=True, CLAMP_SIZE=0.0, POLYGROUPS=True, IMAGE_SEARCH=True)

Load a Wavefront OBJ File

  • filepath (string, (optional)) – File Path, Filepath used for importing the file
  • CREATE_SMOOTH_GROUPS (boolean, (optional)) – Smooth Groups, Surround smooth groups by sharp edges
  • CREATE_FGONS (boolean, (optional)) – NGons as FGons, Import faces with more then 4 verts as fgons
  • CREATE_EDGES (boolean, (optional)) – Lines as Edges, Import lines and faces with 2 verts as edge
  • SPLIT_OBJECTS (boolean, (optional)) – Object, Import OBJ Objects into Blender Objects
  • SPLIT_GROUPS (boolean, (optional)) – Group, Import OBJ Groups into Blender Objects
  • ROTATE_X90 (boolean, (optional)) – -X90, Rotate X 90.
  • CLAMP_SIZE (float in [0, 1000], (optional)) – Clamp Scale, Clamp the size to this maximum (Zero to Disable)
  • POLYGROUPS (boolean, (optional)) – Poly Groups, Import OBJ groups as vertex groups.
  • IMAGE_SEARCH (boolean, (optional)) – Image Search, Search subdirs for any assosiated images (Warning, may be slow)
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