Application Data (

This module contains application values that remain unchanged during runtime.

Boolean, set when blender is running in debug mode (started with -d)

Int, number which can be set to non-zero values for testing purposes.

Dictionary for drivers namespace, editable in-place, reset on file load (read-only)

String, the temp directory used by blender (read-only)

Boolean, True when blender is running without a user interface (started with -b)

Application handler callbacks submodule details

The location of blenders executable, useful for utilities that spawn new instances

C compiler flags

C++ compiler flags

The date this blender instance was built

Binary linking flags

The platform this blender instance was built for

The subversion revision this blender instance was built with

Build system used

The time this blender instance was built

The type of build (Release, Debug)

The Blender version character (for minor releases)

The release status of this build alpha/beta/rc/release

The Blender version formatted as a string

The Blender version as a tuple of 3 numbers. eg. (2, 50, 11)

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