bpy_extras submodule (bpy_extras.mesh_utils)


Splits the mesh into connected faces, use this for seperating cubes from other mesh elements within 1 mesh datablock.

Parameters:mesh (bpy.types.Mesh) – the mesh used to group with.
Returns:lists of lists containing faces.
Return type:list
Returns:dict of edge keys with their value set to the number of faces using each edge.
Return type:dict
Returns:list face users for each item in mesh.edges.
Return type:list
bpy_extras.mesh_utils.edge_loops_from_faces(mesh, faces=None, seams=())

Edge loops defined by faces

Takes me.faces or a list of faces and returns the edge loops These edge loops are the edges that sit between quads, so they dont touch 1 quad, note: not connected will make 2 edge loops, both only containing 2 edges.

return a list of edge key lists [[(0, 1), (4, 8), (3, 8)], ...]

  • mesh (bpy.types.Mesh) – the mesh used to get edge loops from.
  • faces (bpy.types.MeshFaces, sequence or or NoneType) – optional face list to only use some of the meshes faces.

return a list of edge vertex index lists.

Return type:


bpy_extras.mesh_utils.edge_loops_from_edges(mesh, edges=None)

Edge loops defined by edges

Takes me.edges or a list of edges and returns the edge loops

return a list of vertex indices. [ [1, 6, 7, 2], ...]

closed loops have matching start and end values.

bpy_extras.mesh_utils.ngon_tesselate(from_data, indices, fix_loops=True)

Takes a polyline of indices (fgon) and returns a list of face indicie lists. Designed to be used for importers that need indices for an fgon to create from existing verts.

from_data: either a mesh, or a list/tuple of vectors. indices: a list of indices to use this list is the ordered closed polyline

to fill, and can be a subset of the data given.
fix_loops: If this is enabled polylines that use loops to make multiple
polylines are delt with correctly.
bpy_extras.mesh_utils.face_random_points(num_points, faces)

Generates a list of random points over mesh faces.

  • num_points – the number of random points to generate on each face.
  • faces (bpy.types.MeshFaces, sequence) – list of the faces to generate points on.

list of random points over all faces.

Return type:


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