base class — SCA_ISensor

class bge.types.SCA_JoystickSensor(SCA_ISensor)

This sensor detects player joystick events.


The state of the joysticks axis as a list of values numAxis long. (read-only).

Type :list of ints.

Each specifying the value of an axis between -32767 and 32767 depending on how far the axis is pushed, 0 for nothing. The first 2 values are used by most joysticks and gamepads for directional control. 3rd and 4th values are only on some joysticks and can be used for arbitary controls.

  • left:[-32767, 0, ...]
  • right:[32767, 0, ...]
  • up:[0, -32767, ...]
  • down:[0, 32767, ...]

like axisValues but returns a single axis value that is set by the sensor. (read-only).

Type :integer


Only use this for “Single Axis” type sensors otherwise it will raise an error.


The state of the joysticks hats as a list of values numHats long. (read-only).

Type :list of ints

Each specifying the direction of the hat from 1 to 12, 0 when inactive.

Hat directions are as follows...

  • 0:None
  • 1:Up
  • 2:Right
  • 4:Down
  • 8:Left
  • 3:Up - Right
  • 6:Down - Right
  • 12:Down - Left
  • 9:Up - Left

Like hatValues but returns a single hat direction value that is set by the sensor. (read-only).

Type :integer

The number of axes for the joystick at this index. (read-only).

Type :integer

The number of buttons for the joystick at this index. (read-only).

Type :integer

The number of hats for the joystick at this index. (read-only).

Type :integer

True if a joystick is connected at this joysticks index. (read-only).

Type :boolean

The joystick index to use (from 0 to 7). The first joystick is always 0.

Type :integer

Axis threshold. Joystick axis motion below this threshold wont trigger an event. Use values between (0 and 32767), lower values are more sensitive.

Type :integer

The button index the sensor reacts to (first button = 0). When the “All Events” toggle is set, this option has no effect.

Type :integer

The axis this sensor reacts to, as a list of two values [axisIndex, axisDirection]

  • axisIndex: the axis index to use when detecting axis movement, 1=primary directional control, 2=secondary directional control.
  • axisDirection: 0=right, 1=up, 2=left, 3=down.
Type :[integer, integer]

The hat the sensor reacts to, as a list of two values: [hatIndex, hatDirection]

  • hatIndex: the hat index to use when detecting hat movement, 1=primary hat, 2=secondary hat (4 max).
  • hatDirection: 1-12.
Type :[integer, integer]
Returns:A list containing the indicies of the currently pressed buttons.
Return type:list
Parameters:buttonIndex (integer) – the button index, 0=first button
Returns:The current pressed state of the specified button.
Return type:boolean

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