bpy_extras submodule (bpy_extras.anim_utils)

bpy_extras.anim_utils.bake_action(frame_start, frame_end, frame_step=1, only_selected=False, do_pose=True, do_object=True, do_visual_keying=True, do_constraint_clear=False, do_parents_clear=False, do_clean=False, action=None)

Return an image from the file path with options to search multiple paths and return a placeholder if its not found.

  • frame_start (int) – First frame to bake.
  • frame_end (int) – Last frame to bake.
  • frame_step (int) – Frame step.
  • only_selected (bool) – Only bake selected data.
  • do_pose (bool) – Bake pose channels.
  • do_object (bool) – Bake objects.
  • do_visual_keying (bool) – Use the final transformations for baking (‘visual keying’)
  • do_constraint_clear (bool) – Remove constraints after baking.
  • do_parents_clear (bool) – Unparent after baking objects.
  • do_clean (bool) – Remove redundant keyframes after baking.
  • action (bpy.types.Action or None) – An action to bake the data into, or None for a new action to be created.

an action or None

Return type:


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