base class — SCA_ISensor

class bge.types.SCA_DelaySensor(SCA_ISensor)

The Delay sensor generates positive and negative triggers at precise time, expressed in number of frames. The delay parameter defines the length of the initial OFF period. A positive trigger is generated at the end of this period.

The duration parameter defines the length of the ON period following the OFF period. There is a negative trigger at the end of the ON period. If duration is 0, the sensor stays ON and there is no negative trigger.

The sensor runs the OFF-ON cycle once unless the repeat option is set: the OFF-ON cycle repeats indefinately (or the OFF cycle if duration is 0).

Use SCA_ISensor.reset at any time to restart sensor.


length of the initial OFF period as number of frame, 0 for immediate trigger.


length of the ON period in number of frame after the initial OFF period.

If duration is greater than 0, a negative trigger is sent at the end of the ON pulse.


1 if the OFF-ON cycle should be repeated indefinately, 0 if it should run once.


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