Texture Operators


Discard the environment map and free it from memory


Discard all environment maps in the .blend file and free them from memory

bpy.ops.texture.envmap_save(layout=(0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 2.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 2.0, 1.0), filepath="", check_existing=True, filter_blender=False, filter_backup=False, filter_image=True, filter_movie=True, filter_python=False, filter_font=False, filter_sound=False, filter_text=False, filter_btx=False, filter_collada=False, filter_folder=True, filemode=9, display_type='FILE_DEFAULTDISPLAY')

Save the current generated Environment map to an image file

  • layout (float array of 12 items in [-inf, inf], (optional)) – File layout, Flat array describing the X,Y position of each cube face in the output image, where 1 is the size of a face - order is [+Z -Z +Y -X -Y +X] (use -1 to skip a face)
  • filepath (string, (optional, never None)) – File Path, Path to file
  • check_existing (boolean, (optional)) – Check Existing, Check and warn on overwriting existing files
  • filter_blender (boolean, (optional)) – Filter .blend files
  • filter_backup (boolean, (optional)) – Filter .blend files
  • filter_image (boolean, (optional)) – Filter image files
  • filter_movie (boolean, (optional)) – Filter movie files
  • filter_python (boolean, (optional)) – Filter python files
  • filter_font (boolean, (optional)) – Filter font files
  • filter_sound (boolean, (optional)) – Filter sound files
  • filter_text (boolean, (optional)) – Filter text files
  • filter_btx (boolean, (optional)) – Filter btx files
  • filter_collada (boolean, (optional)) – Filter COLLADA files
  • filter_folder (boolean, (optional)) – Filter folders
  • filemode (int in [1, 9], (optional)) – File Browser Mode, The setting for the file browser mode to load a .blend file, a library or a special file

    Display Type

    • FILE_DEFAULTDISPLAY Default, Automatically determine display type for files.
    • FILE_SHORTDISPLAY Short List, Display files as short list.
    • FILE_LONGDISPLAY Long List, Display files as a detailed list.
    • FILE_IMGDISPLAY Thumbnails, Display files as thumbnails.

Add a new texture


Copy the material texture settings and nodes


Move texture slots up and down

Parameters:type (enum in [‘UP’, ‘DOWN’], (optional)) – Type

Copy the texture settings and nodes

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