base classes — bpy_struct, NodeSocket

subclasses — NodeSocketVectorTranslation, NodeSocketIntFactor, NodeSocketIntPercentage, NodeSocketVectorAcceleration, NodeSocketFloatPercentage, NodeSocketVectorXYZ, NodeSocketFloatUnsigned, NodeSocketFloatFactor, NodeSocketFloatAngle, NodeSocketIntUnsigned, NodeSocketVectorVelocity, NodeSocketColor, NodeSocketVirtual, NodeSocketFloat, NodeSocketInt, NodeSocketBool, NodeSocketVector, NodeSocketVectorDirection, NodeSocketVectorEuler, NodeSocketString, NodeSocketFloatTime, NodeSocketShader

class bpy.types.NodeSocketStandard(NodeSocket)

List of node links from or to this socket (readonly)

draw(context, layout, node, text)

Draw socket

  • layout (UILayout, (never None)) – Layout, Layout in the UI
  • node (Node, (never None)) – Node, Node the socket belongs to
  • text (string, (never None)) – Text, Text label to draw alongside properties
draw_color(context, node)

Color of the socket icon

Parameters:node (Node, (never None)) – Node, Node the socket belongs to
Return type:float array of 4 items in [0, 1]

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