base class — bpy_struct

class bpy.types.ObjectConstraints(bpy_struct)

Collection of object constraints


Active Object constraint


Add a new constraint to this object


Constraint type to add

  • CAMERA_SOLVER Camera Solver.
  • FOLLOW_TRACK Follow Track.
  • OBJECT_SOLVER Object Solver.
  • COPY_LOCATION Copy Location, Copy the location of a target (with an optional offset), so that they move together.
  • COPY_ROTATION Copy Rotation, Copy the rotation of a target (with an optional offset), so that they rotate together.
  • COPY_SCALE Copy Scale, Copy the scale factors of a target (with an optional offset), so that they are scaled by the same amount.
  • COPY_TRANSFORMS Copy Transforms, Copy all the transformations of a target, so that they move together.
  • LIMIT_DISTANCE Limit Distance, Restrict movements to within a certain distance of a target (at the time of constraint evaluation only).
  • LIMIT_LOCATION Limit Location, Restrict movement along each axis within given ranges.
  • LIMIT_ROTATION Limit Rotation, Restrict rotation along each axis within given ranges.
  • LIMIT_SCALE Limit Scale, Restrict scaling along each axis with given ranges.
  • MAINTAIN_VOLUME Maintain Volume, Compensate for scaling one axis by applying suitable scaling to the other two axes.
  • TRANSFORM Transformation, Use one transform property from target to control another (or same) property on owner.
  • CLAMP_TO Clamp To, Restrict movements to lie along a curve by remapping location along curve’s longest axis.
  • DAMPED_TRACK Damped Track, Point towards a target by performing the smallest rotation necessary.
  • IK Inverse Kinematics, Control a chain of bones by specifying the endpoint target (Bones only).
  • LOCKED_TRACK Locked Track, Rotate around the specified (‘locked’) axis to point towards a target.
  • SPLINE_IK Spline IK, Align chain of bones along a curve (Bones only).
  • STRETCH_TO Stretch To, Stretch along Y-Axis to point towards a target.
  • TRACK_TO Track To, Legacy tracking constraint prone to twisting artifacts.
  • ACTION Action, Use transform property of target to look up pose for owner from an Action.
  • CHILD_OF Child Of, Make target the ‘detachable’ parent of owner.
  • FLOOR Floor, Use position (and optionally rotation) of target to define a ‘wall’ or ‘floor’ that the owner can not cross.
  • FOLLOW_PATH Follow Path, Use to animate an object/bone following a path.
  • PIVOT Pivot, Change pivot point for transforms (buggy).
  • RIGID_BODY_JOINT Rigid Body Joint, Use to define a Rigid Body Constraint (for Game Engine use only).
  • SHRINKWRAP Shrinkwrap, Restrict movements to surface of target mesh.
Returns:New constraint
Return type:Constraint

Remove a constraint from this object

Parameters:constraint (Constraint, (never None)) – Removed constraint

Remove all constraint from this object

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