base class — bpy_struct

class bpy.types.GPencilSculptSettings(bpy_struct)

Properties for Grease Pencil stroke sculpting tool

Type:GPencilSculptBrush, (readonly)
  • SMOOTH Smooth, Smooth stroke points.
  • THICKNESS Thickness, Adjust thickness of strokes.
  • GRAB Grab, Translate the set of points initially within the brush circle.
  • PUSH Push, Move points out of the way, as if combing them.
  • TWIST Twist, Rotate points around the midpoint of the brush.
  • PINCH Pinch, Pull points towards the midpoint of the brush.
  • RANDOMIZE Randomize, Introduce jitter/randomness into strokes.
  • CLONE Clone, Paste copies of the strokes stored on the clipboard.
Type:enum in [‘SMOOTH’, ‘THICKNESS’, ‘GRAB’, ‘PUSH’, ‘TWIST’, ‘PINCH’, ‘RANDOMIZE’, ‘CLONE’], default ‘SMOOTH’

Only sculpt selected stroke points

Type:boolean, default False

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