base class — bpy_struct

class bpy.types.BlendDataTextures(bpy_struct)

Collection of groups

Type:boolean, default False, (readonly)
new(name, type)

Add a new texture to the main database

  • name (string, (never None)) – New name for the datablock

    Type, The type of texture to add

    • NONE None.
    • BLEND Blend, Procedural - create a ramp texture.
    • CLOUDS Clouds, Procedural - create a cloud-like fractal noise texture.
    • DISTORTED_NOISE Distorted Noise, Procedural - noise texture distorted by two noise algorithms.
    • ENVIRONMENT_MAP Environment Map, Create a render of the environment mapped to a texture.
    • IMAGE Image or Movie, Allow for images or movies to be used as textures.
    • MAGIC Magic, Procedural - color texture based on trigonometric functions.
    • MARBLE Marble, Procedural - marble-like noise texture with wave generated bands.
    • MUSGRAVE Musgrave, Procedural - highly flexible fractal noise texture.
    • NOISE Noise, Procedural - random noise, gives a different result every time, for every frame, for every pixel.
    • OCEAN Ocean, Use a texture generated by an Ocean modifier.
    • POINT_DENSITY Point Density.
    • STUCCI Stucci, Procedural - create a fractal noise texture.
    • VORONOI Voronoi, Procedural - create cell-like patterns based on Worley noise.
    • VOXEL_DATA Voxel Data, Create a 3D texture based on volumetric data.
    • WOOD Wood, Procedural - wave generated bands or rings, with optional noise.

New texture datablock

Return type:



Remove a texture from the current blendfile

Parameters:texture (Texture, (never None)) – Texture to remove


Parameters:value (boolean) – Value

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