base classes — bpy_struct, Modifier

class bpy.types.RemeshModifier(Modifier)

Generate a new surface with regular topology that follows the shape of the input mesh

  • BLOCKS Blocks, Output a blocky surface with no smoothing.
  • SMOOTH Smooth, Output a smooth surface with no sharp-features detection.
  • SHARP Sharp, Output a surface that reproduces sharp edges and corners from the input mesh.
Type:enum in [‘BLOCKS’, ‘SMOOTH’, ‘SHARP’], default ‘BLOCKS’

Resolution of the octree; higher values give finer details

Type:int in [1, 12], default 0

The ratio of the largest dimension of the model over the size of the grid

Type:float in [0, 0.99], default 0.0

Tolerance for outliers; lower values filter noise while higher values will reproduce edges closer to the input

Type:float in [-inf, inf], default 0.0

If removing disconnected pieces, minimum size of components to preserve as a ratio of the number of polygons in the largest component

Type:float in [0, 1], default 0.0
Type:boolean, default False

Output faces with smooth shading rather than flat shaded

Type:boolean, default False

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