base class — bpy_struct

subclasses — BoidRuleAverageSpeed, BoidRuleAvoid, BoidRuleAvoidCollision, BoidRuleFight, BoidRuleFollowLeader, BoidRuleGoal

class bpy.types.BoidRule(bpy_struct)

Boid rule name

Type:string, default “”, (never None)
  • GOAL Goal, Go to assigned object or loudest assigned signal source.
  • AVOID Avoid, Get away from assigned object or loudest assigned signal source.
  • AVOID_COLLISION Avoid Collision, Maneuver to avoid collisions with other boids and deflector objects in near future.
  • SEPARATE Separate, Keep from going through other boids.
  • FLOCK Flock, Move to center of neighbors and match their velocity.
  • FOLLOW_LEADER Follow Leader, Follow a boid or assigned object.
  • AVERAGE_SPEED Average Speed, Maintain speed, flight level or wander.
  • FIGHT Fight, Go to closest enemy and attack when in range.
Type:enum in [‘GOAL’, ‘AVOID’, ‘AVOID_COLLISION’, ‘SEPARATE’, ‘FLOCK’, ‘FOLLOW_LEADER’, ‘AVERAGE_SPEED’, ‘FIGHT’], default ‘GOAL’, (readonly)

Use rule when boid is flying

Type:boolean, default False

Use rule when boid is on land

Type:boolean, default False

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