base class — bpy_struct

class bpy.types.ColorManagedInputColorspaceSettings(bpy_struct)

Input color space settings


Color space of the image or movie on disk

  • Linear Linear, Rec. 709 (Full Range), Blender native linear space.
  • Linear ACES Linear ACES, ACES linear space.
  • Non-Color Non-Color, Color space used for images which contains non-color data (i,e, normal maps).
  • Raw Raw.
  • sRGB sRGB, Standard RGB Display Space.
  • VD16 VD16, The simple video conversion from a gamma 2.2 sRGB space.
  • XYZ XYZ.
Type:enum in [‘Linear’, ‘Linear ACES’, ‘Non-Color’, ‘Raw’, ‘sRGB’, ‘VD16’, ‘XYZ’], default ‘NONE’

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