base class — bpy_struct

class bpy.types.FCurveModifiers(bpy_struct)

Collection of F-Curve Modifiers


Active F-Curve Modifier


Add a constraint to this object

Parameters:type (enum in ['NULL', 'GENERATOR', 'FNGENERATOR', 'ENVELOPE', 'CYCLES', 'NOISE', 'LIMITS', 'STEPPED']) –

Constraint type to add

  • NULL Invalid.
  • GENERATOR Generator, Generate a curve using a factorized or expanded polynomial.
  • FNGENERATOR Built-In Function, Generate a curve using standard math functions such as sin and cos.
  • ENVELOPE Envelope, Reshape F-Curve values - e.g. change amplitude of movements.
  • CYCLES Cycles, Cyclic extend/repeat keyframe sequence.
  • NOISE Noise, Add pseudo-random noise on top of F-Curves.
  • LIMITS Limits, Restrict maximum and minimum values of F-Curve.
  • STEPPED Stepped Interpolation, Snap values to nearest grid-step - e.g. for a stop-motion look.
Returns:New fmodifier
Return type:FModifier

Remove a modifier from this F-Curve

Parameters:modifier (FModifier, (never None)) – Removed modifier

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