base class — bpy_struct

subclasses — ControlFluidSettings, DomainFluidSettings, FluidFluidSettings, InflowFluidSettings, ObstacleFluidSettings, OutflowFluidSettings, ParticleFluidSettings

class bpy.types.FluidSettings(bpy_struct)

Fluid simulation settings for an object taking part in the simulation


Type of participation in the fluid simulation

  • NONE None.
  • DOMAIN Domain, Bounding box of this object represents the computational domain of the fluid simulation.
  • FLUID Fluid, Object represents a volume of fluid in the simulation.
  • OBSTACLE Obstacle, Object is a fixed obstacle.
  • INFLOW Inflow, Object adds fluid to the simulation.
  • OUTFLOW Outflow, Object removes fluid from the simulation.
  • PARTICLE Particle, Object is made a particle system to display particles generated by a fluidsim domain object.
  • CONTROL Control, Object is made a fluid control mesh, which influences the fluid.
Type:enum in [‘NONE’, ‘DOMAIN’, ‘FLUID’, ‘OBSTACLE’, ‘INFLOW’, ‘OUTFLOW’, ‘PARTICLE’, ‘CONTROL’], default ‘NONE’

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