base class — bpy_struct

class bpy.types.ObjectModifiers(bpy_struct)

Collection of object modifiers

new(name, type)

Add a new modifier

  • name (string, (never None)) – New name for the modifier

    Modifier type to add

    • DATA_TRANSFER Data Transfer.
    • MESH_CACHE Mesh Cache.
    • MESH_SEQUENCE_CACHE Mesh Sequence Cache.
    • NORMAL_EDIT Normal Edit.
    • UV_PROJECT UV Project.
    • UV_WARP UV Warp.
    • VERTEX_WEIGHT_EDIT Vertex Weight Edit.
    • VERTEX_WEIGHT_MIX Vertex Weight Mix.
    • VERTEX_WEIGHT_PROXIMITY Vertex Weight Proximity.
    • ARRAY Array.
    • BEVEL Bevel.
    • BOOLEAN Boolean.
    • BUILD Build.
    • DECIMATE Decimate.
    • EDGE_SPLIT Edge Split.
    • MASK Mask.
    • MIRROR Mirror.
    • MULTIRES Multiresolution.
    • REMESH Remesh.
    • SCREW Screw.
    • SKIN Skin.
    • SOLIDIFY Solidify.
    • SUBSURF Subdivision Surface.
    • TRIANGULATE Triangulate.
    • WIREFRAME Wireframe, Generate a wireframe on the edges of a mesh.
    • ARMATURE Armature.
    • CAST Cast.
    • CORRECTIVE_SMOOTH Corrective Smooth.
    • CURVE Curve.
    • DISPLACE Displace.
    • HOOK Hook.
    • LAPLACIANSMOOTH Laplacian Smooth.
    • LAPLACIANDEFORM Laplacian Deform.
    • LATTICE Lattice.
    • MESH_DEFORM Mesh Deform.
    • SHRINKWRAP Shrinkwrap.
    • SIMPLE_DEFORM Simple Deform.
    • SMOOTH Smooth.
    • WARP Warp.
    • WAVE Wave.
    • CLOTH Cloth.
    • COLLISION Collision.
    • DYNAMIC_PAINT Dynamic Paint.
    • EXPLODE Explode.
    • FLUID_SIMULATION Fluid Simulation.
    • OCEAN Ocean.
    • PARTICLE_INSTANCE Particle Instance.
    • PARTICLE_SYSTEM Particle System.
    • SMOKE Smoke.
    • SOFT_BODY Soft Body.
    • SURFACE Surface.

Newly created modifier

Return type:



Remove an existing modifier from the object

Parameters:modifier (Modifier, (never None)) – Modifier to remove

Remove all modifiers from the object

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