base classes — bpy_struct, Node, NodeInternal, ShaderNode

class bpy.types.ShaderNodeTexImage(ShaderNode)

Color mapping settings

Type:ColorMapping, (readonly, never None)

Image file color space

  • COLOR Color, Image contains color data, and will be converted to linear color for rendering.
  • NONE Non-Color Data, Image contains non-color data, for example a displacement or normal map, and will not be converted.
Type:enum in [‘COLOR’, ‘NONE’], default ‘COLOR’

How the image is extrapolated past its original bounds

  • REPEAT Repeat, Cause the image to repeat horizontally and vertically.
  • EXTEND Extend, Extend by repeating edge pixels of the image.
  • CLIP Clip, Clip to image size and set exterior pixels as transparent.
Type:enum in [‘REPEAT’, ‘EXTEND’, ‘CLIP’], default ‘REPEAT’

Parameters defining which layer, pass and frame of the image is displayed

Type:ImageUser, (readonly, never None)

Texture interpolation

  • Linear Linear, Linear interpolation.
  • Closest Closest, No interpolation (sample closest texel).
  • Cubic Cubic, Cubic interpolation (CPU only).
  • Smart Smart, Bicubic when magnifying, else bilinear (OSL only).
Type:enum in [‘Linear’, ‘Closest’, ‘Cubic’, ‘Smart’], default ‘Linear’

Method to project 2D image on object with a 3D texture vector

  • FLAT Flat, Image is projected flat using the X and Y coordinates of the texture vector.
  • BOX Box, Image is projected using different components for each side of the object space bounding box.
  • SPHERE Sphere, Image is projected spherically using the Z axis as central.
  • TUBE Tube, Image is projected from the tube using the Z axis as central.
Type:enum in [‘FLAT’, ‘BOX’, ‘SPHERE’, ‘TUBE’], default ‘FLAT’

For box projection, amount of blend to use between sides

Type:float in [0, 1], default 0.0

Texture coordinate mapping settings

Type:TexMapping, (readonly, never None)
classmethod is_registered_node_type()

True if a registered node type

Return type:boolean
classmethod input_template(index)

Input socket template

Parameters:index (int in [0, inf]) – Index
Return type:NodeInternalSocketTemplate
classmethod output_template(index)

Output socket template

Parameters:index (int in [0, inf]) – Index
Return type:NodeInternalSocketTemplate

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