base classes — bpy_struct, FluidSettings

class bpy.types.FluidFluidSettings(FluidSettings)

Fluid simulation settings for the fluid in the simulation


Initial velocity of fluid

Type:float array of 3 items in [-1000.1, 1000.1], default (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)

Object contributes to the fluid simulation

Type:boolean, default False

Export this mesh as an animated one (slower and enforces No Slip, only use if really necessary [e.g. armatures or parented objects], animated pos/rot/scale F-Curves do not require it)

Type:boolean, default False

Volume initialization type (WARNING: complex volumes might require too much memory and break simulation)

  • VOLUME Volume, Use only the inner volume of the mesh.
  • SHELL Shell, Use only the outer shell of the mesh.
  • BOTH Both, Use both the inner volume and the outer shell of the mesh.
Type:enum in [‘VOLUME’, ‘SHELL’, ‘BOTH’], default ‘VOLUME’

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