base classes — bpy_struct, UIList

class bpy.types.UI_UL_list(UIList)
static filter_items_by_name(pattern, bitflag, items, propname='name', flags=None, reverse=False)

Set FILTER_ITEM for items which name matches filter_name one (case-insensitive). pattern is the filtering pattern. propname is the name of the string property to use for filtering. flags must be a list of integers the same length as items, or None! return a list of flags (based on given flags if not None), or an empty list if no flags were given and no filtering has been done.

static sort_items_helper(sort_data, key, reverse=False)

Common sorting utility. Returns a neworder list mapping org_idx -> new_idx. sort_data must be an (unordered) list of tuples [(org_idx, ...), (org_idx, ...), ...]. key must be the same kind of callable you would use for sorted() builtin function. reverse will reverse the sorting!

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