base classes — bpy_struct, Menu

class bpy.types.GPENCIL_PIE_tool_palette(Menu)

Define these on the subclass: - preset_operator (string) - preset_subdir (string)

Optionally: - preset_extensions (set of strings) - preset_operator_defaults (dict of keyword args)

path_menu(searchpaths, operator, *, props_default=None, prop_filepath='filepath', filter_ext=None, filter_path=None, display_name=None)

Populate a menu from a list of paths.

  • searchpaths (sequence of strings.) – Paths to scan.
  • operator (string) – The operator id to use with each file.
  • prop_filepath (string) – Optional operator filepath property (defaults to “filepath”).
  • props_default (dict) – Properties to assign to each operator.
  • filter_ext (Callable that takes a string and returns a bool.) –

    Optional callback that takes the file extensions.

    Returning false excludes the file from the list.

  • display_name (Callable that takes a string and returns a string.) – Optional callback that takes the full path, returns the name to display.

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