Relevant to Blender v2.31

bmake is a simple utility (shell script) to aid in the compilation and development of plugins, and can be found in the plugins/ sub-directory of the Blender installation directory. It is invoked by: bmake (plugin_name.c) and will attempt to link the proper libraries and compile the specified C file properly for your system. If you are trying to develop plugins on a windows machine bmake may not work for you in that case you should look into using lcc. You can use the following to compile a plugin with lcc: Assuming you have your plugins in c:\blender\plugins. Here is an example of how you would compile the texture plugin sinus.c Open a dos prompt and do the following:

(Note: You'll want to make sure the lcc\bin directory is in your path)

 cd c:\blender\plugins\texture\sinus
 lcc -Ic:\blender\plugins\include sinus.c
 lcclnk -DLL sinus.obj c:\blender\plugins\include\tex.def
 implib sinus.dll