Relevant to Blender v2.31

YafRay is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. Download the package suitable for your OS at

YafRay for Windows

Run the installer program. It will create a directory called "yafray" on your c:\ drive. This directory contains the yafray.exe executable and the grammar file which are used by the loader. Also the installer copies three dll's into your Windows system directory. These dll's are for cygwin support. Finally, a batch file (yafray.bat) is copied into the Windows directory (we need this file in the PATH).

To run YafRay is easy. Just open a MS-DOS window, go to you working directory and type "yafray file.xml" or "yafray file.xml.gz". For example, if you want to work in e:\raytracing\work on an XML file which resides in C:\Docs\xmls named test.xml, you open a MS-DOS windows and:

c:\windows\> e: 
e:> cd e:\raytracing\work
e:\raytracing\work> yafray c:\Docs\xmls\test.xml

One or more targa file, the output of the render, will be created in the e:\raytracing\work directory.

YafRay for Mac OSX

Expand the tarball. (stuffIt expander can expand tarball also). Double click on the expanded package to run installer. YafRay must be installed on the Root device (the one on which it has been installed MacOSX), you cannot choose any other disk.

Installed files and location are: /usr/sbin/yafray /usr/etc/gram.yafray

YafRay utilization does not differ noticeably from the three OS, so you can refer to the previous section.

YafRay has just 2 files ' /usr/sbin/yafray ' and ' /usr/etc/gram.yafray' . But a common user cannot usually access these directories via the Mac OSX GUI, so the OS X Package Manager (OSXPM) can help you to uninstall packages from your disk.

YafRay on Linux

Expand the tarball.

tar xvzf yafray-#.#.#.tar.gz

Go into the newly created directory and configure it for your machine.


Make sure that zlib and jpeg support is enabled. If not, you need install devel packages for libjpeg and libgz (check your distribution for it).

Build it!


If this fails you can try

cd src
make yafray

The executable is yafray and is a command Line program, whose usage is analogous to the what described In the "Windows" section.