Introduction to the Blender Manual

Our aim to provide a complete and concise reference manual.

Target group
  • People educated in computer graphics, who understand the basics of 3D and/or know other 3D software.
The manual has as a goal to provide
  • Insight in Blender’s way of working, its internal (technical) design – in order to understand options and tools.
  • Detailed functional description of all features, tools and options in Blender.



Hotkey letters are shown in this manual like they appear on a keyboard; for example:

refers to the lowercase g.
Shift, Ctrl, Alt
are specified as modifier keys.
Ctrl-W, Shift-Alt-A, …
indicates that these keys should be pressed simultaneously.
Numpad0 to Numpad9, NumpadPlus
refer to the keys on the separate numeric keypad.

Other keys are referred to by their names, such as Esc, Tab, F1 to F12. Of special note are the arrow keys, Left, Right and so on.


This manual refers to mouse buttons as:

Left Mouse Button
Right Mouse Button
Middle Mouse Button
Scrolling the wheel.


Das Blender Handbuch ist eine Bemühung der Community zu der jeder etwas beitragen kann. Je nachdem, ob Sie einen Tippfehler (in dieser Übersetzung) gefunden haben oder die allgemeine Qualität der Dokumentation verbessern wollen, gibt es verschiedene Optionen wie Sie helfen können. Sie können:

  1. Fix problems, improve the documentation and write new sections – see how to contribute.
  2. Report problems in the documentation.
  3. Get involved in discussions through the mailing list and #docs Blender Chat.