Viewport Display


Factor that scales the thickness of the grid that is currently being displayed.


Interpolation method to use for the visualization of the fluid grid.


Linear interpolation between voxels. Gives good smoothness and speed.


Cubic interpolation between voxels. Gives smoothed high quality interpolation, but is slower.


No interpolation between voxels. Gives raw voxels.

Slice per Voxel

Determines how many slices per voxel should be generated.


Renders only a single 2D section of the domain object.


Adjust slice direction according to the view direction.


Slice along the X/Y/Z axis.


Position of the slice relative to the length of the respective domain side.

Gridlines Closest Interpolation Only

Display gridlines to differentiate the underlying cells in the current slice of the fluid domain.

Grid Display

Use a specific color map for the visualization of the simulation field. This comes in handy during debugging or when making more advanced adjustments to the simulation. For instance, if the actual color of a fire simulation is barely visible in the viewport then changing the color profile can help to see the real size of the flame.


The simulation field used in the display options (e.g. density, fuel, heat).

Comparison of a fire simulation with and without color mapping.

Slice view of „fire“ grid without color mapping.


Slice view of „fire“ grid with color mapping.


Scale the selected simulation field by this value.

Vector Display

Visualization options for the vector fields.

Display As

Choose to display the vectors as „Streamlines“.


Choose to display the vectors as „Needles“.

MAC Grid

Choose to display the vector field as „Marker-And-Cell Grid“.


Show an individual X/Y/Z component of the MAC grid.

Magnitude Streamlines or Needle Only

Scale the display vectors by the magnitude of the vectors they represent.


The vector field represented by the display vectors (e.g. fluid velocity, external forces).


Scale the vectors by this size in the viewport.

Advanced Gridlines Only

Advanced coloring options for gridlines.

Color Gridlines

Color gridlines with flags.

Highlight Range Grid Display Only

Highlight the cells with values of the displayed grid within the range. Values between the Lower Bound and Upper Bound (inclusive) are considered to be within the range.

Lower Bound

Lower bound of the highlighting range.

Upper Bound

Upper bound of the highlighting range.


Color used to highlight the cells.

Cell Type

Choose to highlight only a particular type of cells.