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The path of Keyed particles is determined between particles of any two (or more) particle systems. This allows the creation of a chains of systems to create long strands or groovy moving particles. Basically the particles have no dynamics but are interpolated from one system to the next at draw-time.

To setup Keyed particles you need at least two particle systems in the Keys list.



Keyed Physics settings.

Sets the number of times the entire Keys list is repeated. Disabled if Use Timing is enabled.
Use Timing
Enabling this option allows you to specify the timing for each key independently, using the Time and Duration options. By default, the Use Timing option is deactivated, and the particles will pass through all keys for a time equal to its lifetime. A shorter lifetime means faster movement. The lifetime will be split equally between the keys, this may lead to varying particle speeds between the targets.


Key Targets
The list view of keys (target particle systems).
The name of a target object for the selected key. If empty it uses the current particle system.
Index of particle system on the target object.
The time (frame number) at which the particles will be at the position of the selected system. Note also that the Start frame of the Keyed system adds an offset to this time.
How long (in frames) the particles stay on this system before they start moving to the next one.