Introduction to the Blender Manual

Our aim to provide a complete and concise reference manual.

Target group
  • People educated in computer graphics, who understand the basics of 3D and/or know other 3D software.
The manual has as a goal to provide
  • Insight in Blender’s way of working, its internal (technical) design – in order to understand options and tools.
  • Detailed functional description of all features, tools and options in Blender.


The Blender Manual is a community driven effort to which anyone can contribute. Either if you found a typo or if you want to improve the general quality of the documentation, there are several options for helping out. You can:

  1. Fix problems, improve the documentation and write new sections – see how to contribute.
  2. Report problems in the documentation.
  3. Get involved in discussions through the mailing list and #docs Blender Chat.