Whether you like to fix a tiny spelling mistake or rewrite an entire chapter, your help with the Blender manual is most welcome!

How It Works

You can modify the manual by editing local text files. These files are kept in sync with those online via a repository, based on this the server will update the online manual.

The manual is written in the reStructuredText (RST) markup language and can be edited using a plain text editor. For a local preview, you convert (build) the manual source files from RST into HTML web pages.

Getting Started

The following guides lead you through the process.



The Manual Teams project page.

  • Mailing list is our main way of distributing documents, discussing ideas, and keeping track of progress. (Registration required.)

  • #docs channel in Blender Chat for informal discussions in real-time.

  • Workboard for tasks.

  • Patch tracker shared with the other Blender projects.