Building on Windows

Converting the RST-files into pretty HTML pages. There are two ways to run the build process.

File browser

Run make.bat in the C:\blender_docs folder.


Create a desktop shortcut to make.

Command prompt

  1. Or open a command prompt and change to the repository with cd C:\blender_docs.

  2. Build using the following command:


The building process may take several minutes the first time (or after any major changes), but the next time you build it should only take a few seconds.


If you encounter an error ending with TypeError: an integer is required (got type str), you may need to install an older version of Babel (the Python Internationalization Library).

To do this, simply run:

pip install sphinx "babel<2.0"

Viewing the Local Manual

Once the docs have been built, all the HTML files can be found inside C:\blender_docs\build\html. Try opening \build\html\index.html in your web browser and read the manual.

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