Array Modifier

The Array modifier creates an array of copies of the base object, with each copy being offset from the previous one in any of a number of possible ways.

Useful for creating complex repetitive drawings.

Multiple Array modifiers may be active for an object at the same time (e.g. to create complex three-dimensional constructs).



The Array modifier.


Total number of copies.


Constant Offset

Adds a constant translation component to the duplicate object’s offset. X, Y and Z constant components can be specified.

X, Y, Z

Relative Offset

Adds a translation equal to the object’s bounding box size along each axis, multiplied by a scaling factor, to the offset. X, Y and Z scaling factors can be specified.

X, Y, Z

Object Offset

Adds a transformation taken from an object (relative to the current object) to the offset. It is good practice to use an empty object centered or near to the initial object.

Random Offset

Add random offset values to the copies.

X, Y, Z

Random Rotation

Add random rotation values to the copies.

X, Y, Z

Random Scale

Add random scale values to the copies.

X, Y, Z


Seed used by the pseudo-random number generator.

Material Override

Index of the material to use on duplicated strokes (0 use strokes original materials).


The Depth Order is used in the Grease Pencil object has an influence on the strokes visualization when using the Array modifier. See Depth Order for more information.

Influence Filters

See Influence Filters.