Sculpt Mode


Toolbar ‣ Pose

This brush is used to pose a model simulating an armature-like deformation. The pivot point for rotation is calculated automatically based on the radius of the brush and the topology of the model. When pressing Ctrl, the pose brush applies a twist rotation to the posing segments instead of using the rotation or an IK deformation. The falloff of the rotation across multiple segments is controlled by the brush falloff curve.

Rotation Origins

Method to set the rotation origins for the segments of the brush.


Sets the rotation origin automatically using the topology and shape of the mesh as a guide.

Face Sets

Creates a pose segment per Face Set, starting from the active face set.

Pose Origin Offset

Offset of the pose origin in relation to the brush radius. This is useful to manipulate areas with a lot of complex shapes like fingers.

Smooth Iterations

Controls the smoothness of the falloff of the deformation.

Pose IK Segments

Controls how many IK bones are going to be created for posing.

Keep Anchor Point

Keeps the position of the last segment in the IK chain fixed.