The active sequence strip is displayed with a light outline. The entire strip could be selected by clicking LMB in the middle of the strip.

Select Menu

The Select Menu helps you select strips in different ways.

All A

Selects all the strips in the timeline.

None Alt-A

Deselects all the strips in the timeline.

Invert Ctrl-I

Inverts the current selection.

Box Select B

Click and drag a rectangular lasso around a region of strips in your Sequence workspace. Selects strips all intersecting this rectangle.

Box Select (Include Handles) Ctrl-B

Works the same as Box Select but it selects only the strip’s handles, if just one handle is selected moving the strip after selecting will change the strip’s length. If both handles are selected the strip will move and behave the exact same as Box Select.


Select strips laying left or right to the playhead’s position.


Select left, right or both handles of selected strips.


Select with this method when you want to change the timing of a cut.


Select strips in the same channel laying left or right to active strip.

All Ctrl-L / Less Ctrl-NumpadMinus / More Ctrl-NumpadPlus

Selects strips, that are placed next to each other without any gaps.

Select Grouped Shift-G

Selects strips according to their relation with other strips.


Selects any strips of the same type within a category for example, if you have a cross strip selected this will select all other effect strips.

Global Type

Selects any strips of the same type, e.g. Effect, Image, Movie, etc.

Effect Type

Selects all effect strips.


Selects strips that share the same data, for example, two image strips sharing the same image file.


Selects the strip that shares an effect strip.


Selects the effect strips, if any, linked to the currently selected strip.


Selects any strips that occur on the same frame as the current.