Edit Mesh Tools

Mesh Edit Tool adds several tools to Blender that are not available in the built-in tools or provide different methods for similar tasks. Each Menu: Vertex, Edge, Face and Utility is a sub panel that is closed by default in the Sidebar ‣ Edit tab. The Icons in the closed panel headers contain some new/different selection tools and Edit Mode vertex/edge/face selection modes for quick access to some tools, before opening the sub panels.

In the UI there’s a variety of tools in each category, most tools have a tooltip to provide some usage information to help users understand each tools basic requirements. Most significant hotkeys is in Edit Mode double RMB-click brings up the Vertex/Edge/Face menus depending on vertex/edge/face selection mode. Menu Integration is main tools into the Edit Mode context menu, selection tools into the Edit Mode select menu.

  • Face Inset Fillet: based completely on add-on by zmj100

  • Vertex Align: by zmj100

  • Edge Fillet Plus: by Gert De Roost – original by zmj100

  • Split Solidify: by zmj100, updated by zeffii to BMesh

  • Pen Tool: by zmj100

  • Mesh Cut Faces: by Stanislav Blinov (Stan Pancakes)

  • Vertex/Edge/Face Context Menu: by Stanislav Blinov (Stan Pancakes)

  • Edge Roundifier: by Piotr Komisarczyk (komi3D), PKHG

  • PKHG Face Extrude: by PKHG, based on Geodesic Domes add-on “faces function”

  • Set Edges Length: by “Giuseppe De Marco [BlenderLab] inspired by NirenYang”

  • Edge Tools: by Paul Marshall (brikbot)

  • Extrude and Reshape: by Germano Cavalcante (mano-wii)

  • Fast Loop: by Andy Davies (metalliandy)

  • Multi Extrude: by Liero, Jimmy Hazevoet

  • Offset Edges: by Hidesato Ikeya

  • Mesh to Wall: by luxuy_BlenderCN

  • Vertex Chamfer: by Andrew Hale (TrumanBlending)

  • Random Vertices: by Oscurart

  • Select Tools: by dustractor

  • Thanks to Macouno and CoDEmanX


  • Open Blender and go to Preferences then the Add-ons tab.

  • Click Mesh then Edit Mesh Tools to enable the script.



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Please see the old Wiki for the archived original docs.

Extrude & Reshape

You can select a face and extrude it inwards or outwards, creating new faces to accommodate the extrusions. Note: Also known as Push/Pull Face.





Mesh modeling toolkit. Several tools to aid modeling.


3D Viewport ‣ Sidebar ‣ Edit tab, 3D Viewport Edit Mode ‣ context menu


mesh_tools folder


Multiple Authors, Meta-Androcto


meta-androcto, lijenstina




This add-on is bundled with Blender.