Pose Mode


Pose ‣ Propagate



The Propagate tool copies the pose of the selected bones on the current frame over to the keyframes delimited by the Termination Mode. It automates the process of copying and pasting.

Termination Mode

Modes which determine how it decides when to stop overwriting keyframes.

While Held

The most complicated of the modes available, as it tries to guess when to stop propagating by examining the pauses in the animation curves per control (i.e. all F-curves for a bone, instead of per F-curve).

To Next Keyframe

Simply copies the pose to the first keyframe after (but not including any keyframe on) the current frame.

To Last Keyframe

Will simply replace the last keyframe (i.e. making action cyclic).

Before Frame

To all keyframes between current frame and the End frame option. This option is best suited for use from scripts due to the difficulties in setting this frame value, though it is possible to set this manually via the Adjust Last Operation panel if necessary.

Before Last Keyframe

To all keyframes from current frame until no more are found.

On Selected Keyframes

Will apply the pose of the selected bones to all selected keyframes.

On Selected Markers

To all keyframes occurring on frames with Scene Markers after the current frame.

End Frame

Defines the upper-bound for the frame range within which keyframes will be affected (with the lower bound being the current frame).