Status Bar

The Status Bar is located at the bottom of the Blender window and displays contextual information such as keyboard shortcuts, result or warning message and statistical information. The Status Bar can be hidden by disabling Show Status Bar in Window menu or by dragging from the top edge down.


Status Bar.

Keymap Information

The left side of the Status Bar displays mouse button shortcuts and the keymap of the active tool. In editors with a Toolbar, pressing Alt shows the hotkeys to change to a desired tool.


Status Messages

The middle of the Status Bar displays information about in progress operations.

Running Task

The progress of the currently running task is show when a computation is being performed for example rendering, baking or playback. Hovering the mouse pointer over the progress bar will display a time estimate. The task can be aborted by clicking the cancel button (X icon).

Report Message

Blender operation results or warnings, such as after saving a file. They disappears after a short time. Click this label to show the full message in the Info Editor.

Resource Information

The right side of the Status Bar displays information about the Blender instance. These can individually shown or hidden by RMB on the Status Bar area.

Scene Statistics

Name of the active Collection.

Active Object

Name of the active selected object.


Displays information about the current scene depending on the mode and object type. This can be the number of vertices, faces, triangles, or bones.


Number of the selected objects and the total count.

System Memory

Estimate of Blender’s RAM consumption. In a single-instance single-machine scenario, this estimate provides a measurement against the hardware limit of the machine.

Blender Version

The version of Blender that is currently run.