Object and Edit Modes


Object/Mesh ‣ Mirror



Mirroring an object or mesh selection will create a reversed version of the selection. The position of the mirrored version of the selection is determined by the Pivot Point. A common use of mirroring is to model half an object, duplicate it and then use the mirror transform to create a reversed version to complete the model.


Mirrored duplicates can also be created with a Mirror Modifier.


Mirroring a selection.


To mirror a selection along a particular global axis, press: Ctrl-M, followed by X, Y or Z. The image Mirroring a Selection shows the results of this action after a mesh element has been duplicated.

In mesh mode, you can mirror the selection on the currently selected Transform Orientations by pressing the appropriate axis key a second time. For example, if the Transform Orientation is set to Normal, pressing: Ctrl-M, followed by X and then X again will mirror the selection along the X axis of the Normal Orientation.


Mirror Adjust Last Operation panel.

You can alternatively hold the MMB to interactively mirror the object by moving the mouse in the direction of the mirror axis.