Curve Tools

This add-on provides an extensive set of tools for the manipulating and editing of curves. Several CAD style curve tools are included.


  • Open Blender and go to Preferences then the Add-ons tab.

  • Click Add Curve then Curve Tools to enable the script.


Located in the 3D Viewport ‣ Sidebar ‣ Edit tab.

This add-on is split into sub panels with each panel having it’s own specific set of tools.


One Curve

Curve Info

Print splines, segments and empty splines information to the Info header and Info editor.

Calculate Length

Calculate the length of the curve and show in the add-on’s panel.

Curve Splines Info

Print splines information to the Info header and Info editor.

Curve Segments Info

Print segments information to the Info header and Info editor.

Set Origin to Spline Start

Move the origin of the curve to the first point.


Intersect Curves

Create an intersection between flat curves on the same plane.

Two Curves Loft


Loft a mesh object between two Bézier curves.

Auto Loft

Turn on to store the loft data if you move or edit the curves.

Update Auto Loft

Press this button to update the new loft mesh position after moving or editing parent curves.


Curve Outline

Create an outline around a selected curve object.

Separate Outline or Selected

Separate the Outline mesh from the original.


Round or chamfer Bézier point fillets.

Handle Projection

To do.


Subdivide selection or filleted corners.

Scale Reset

Reset the objects scale to (1, 1, 1).


It creates a surface from a profile and two paths. The order in which you select the curves and its direction is important to make this work right.

Convert Selected Faces to Bézier

Select faces and convert them to Bézier curves.

Convert Bézier to Surface

Convert the selected curve to a NURBS surface.



Offset Curve

Create an offsetted array.

Boolean Two Selected Spline

Boolean selected curves on a 2D plane.

Multi Subdivide

Subdivide with level of details.

Split by Selected Points

Cuts the selected points creating openings.

Remove Doubles

Remove doubled points.

Discretize Curve

Disconnect the selected points.

Array Selected Spline

Create an array of the selected curves in Edit Mode.

Curves Utils

Show Point Resolution

Display the resolution in the interface with a colored overlay.

Show and Arrange Sequence

Display and arrange the sequence.

Remove Splines

Remove selected splines based on a threshold.

Join Splines

Join selected splines based on a threshold.


Tools for paths.



Add Curve


Adds functionality for Bézier/NURBS curve/surface modeling.


Sidebar ‣ Edit tab


curve_tools folder


MacKracken, cwolf3d, Alexander Meißner (Lichtso)


guy lateur, Alexander Meißner (Lichtso), Dealga McArdle (zeffii), Marvin K. Breuer (MKB)


Vladimir Spivak (cwolf3d)



Support Level



This add-on is bundled with Blender.