Adding/Removing/Moving Files

When RST-files are added or removed the corresponding locale files are added or removed automatically by the update script. However, if files need to be moved please use this Python script:

python tools_rst/ start

RST-files can then be freely moved and the remap script will move the locale file after:

python tools_rst/ finish

It is best to avoid moving/renaming files as this breaks URLs and without this script translators will lose all their work in these files. Please ask an administrator if you think something should be renamed/moved.


This script also works for image file names.

Release Checklist

  • Increase the blender_version variable.

  • Increase the dev version in resources/versions.json and add the former version as a past release.

  • Update the splash image: interface_splash_current.png.

Archive Versions

  • Update resources/versions.json for the future release before building an archive version so that the 404 page gets a static version.