Time Offset Modifier

The Time Offset Modifier offsets the position of Grease Pencil keyframes.

For example can be used to start the same animation loop at different times and avoid an unappealing synchronization of the loops.

Or if you have different character poses in several keyframes, the Time Offset Modifier can be use to select which pose to show at a particular time in the animation. This is especially useful for cut-out animation.



Time Offset Modifier.


Offsets keyframes in default animation playback direction (left to right).


Offsets keyframes in inverse animation playback direction (right to left).

Fixed Frame

Keep the selected frame fixed and do not change over time.


Frame number to use.

Frame Offset

Number of frames to offset the original keyframes.


Evaluation time (in seconds).

Keep Loop

Moves end frame to the animation start to keep animation in a loop.

Custom Range

When enabled, uses a custom range of frames.

Frame Start/End

Sets the range start and end frames.


See Influence Filters.